About Us
My name is Eric Kee and my wife and I have recently been asked to be the full time missionaries in Tuba City, Arizona on the Navajo Nation while working as the full time minister at the Tuba City Church of Christ. Paul and Ann Ghee planted great seeds through their work as missionaries and leading the church for over 26 years. That work ended last May when my great friend, Paul, passed away. I was born and raised in Tuba City where I was attracted to groups that would visit the reservation and was ministered by Paul and other visiting groups.  At the age of 19, I was baptized by Kenneth Shackelford. I attended Harding University and graduated in 2003 and after, worked as missionary in Italy for Avanti Italia where I met my wife, Tracy. Tracy was working with Harding’s International Program in Florence Italy. We have 2 precious boys, Cayden (5) and Silas (3). While we have always been invested in Tuba City, we hadn’t considered living here full time until we were called, both literally and figuratively. We were settled and comfortable in Searcy, Arkansas where both Tracy and I were working full time but have prayed about this big commitment and feel we will best be serving God by serving others in an environment where God is less sought.We are seeking a few things:1.Monetary Support to keep and expand what God has planted already going.2.Sending a youth group for a mission trip3.Donations such as Sunday school material, children’s church material, and other ongoing needs for the congregation.We pray you will consider the above if you are looking to support mission work in the backyard of our own country. We are eager to get involved with the community here and work with this unique population. There are many cultural and service opportunities for interested young people and we intend to help bridge that gap and share our own American (Navajo) culture with these visiting church groups. Tuba City Church of Christ was granted a lease contingent upon church groups working in the community and the facility can house up to 60 participants. Please prayerfully consider supporting what God has put on our hearts. God Bless you all in your efforts to serve God.

Eric and Tracy Kee For more information call (501) 593-8153 or email tubacitychurchofchrist@gmail.com 
Tuba City Mission (est. 1974)

• Don & Ann Tullis (1974)
• Bill & Mary Spears
• Clarence & Evelyn Davis
• Paul & Ann Ghee (1987 to 2013)* Eric and Tracy Kee (2013 - present) 
Old Church Facilities.