About Your Visit
More than 500 youth visit Tuba City Church of Christ every year to help the church reach out to the community via work projects, Vacation Bible Schools, one-day youth group events or through other services. 

It is through these week-long visits that Tuba City Church of Christ serves a dual purpose - exemplifying God's love in the community while training visiting Christians to work in a mission field. 

The following guide may help first-time groups plan their visit. 
Please contact Tuba City Church of Christ with any questions or concerns. 


* Each group member is assigned a bunk in one of the church's hogans. These hogans are styled to mimic traditional Navajo housing in that they are octagon-shaped. 
* Orientation 
* Preparation for service projects


* Work projects can include anything from repairing houses, clean-up public areas, to building roads
* Regular church services
* Devotionals at various scenic locations
* Morning prayers
* Prayer sweats (a cultural experience) 
* Vacation Bible schools 
* Youth-group events
* Nightly camp fires
* Hiking
* Sightseeing to attractions, such as Grand Canyon or visiting the local Indian flea market (a favorite)
* Appreciate dinner (local church members cook famous Navajo tacos)

Suggested packing list: 

* Luggage – Medium duffle bag or gym bag (If any of you can combine luggage we
Need you to) is sufficient. Tuba city is about serving others – not trying to impress with the dress.
Please dress modestly – no underwear is to show or pants on the ground or reveling clothing.
* No tank tops for girls or guys
*  T-shirts are best and recommended – sleeveless is ok.
* A light Jacket
* No low-cut tops, no short shorts, 
* Shorts need to come to mid-thigh, cargo shorts recommend
* Shoes that you can work and hike in – they will get dirty.
* Clothes for prayer sweats – you will get soaked with sweat! 
* Underwear and Socks
* Towels and washcloth
* Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sun block, sunglasses, pillow, sheets and sleeping bag
* Work Gloves, Brimmed hats are good for working
* Shower shoes (thin flip flops)

Important to remember: 

Eat three times a day and DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS (preferably water)


Below are videos some of our visitors made about their visit to Tuba City Church of Christ. 
Please note: The opinions expressed in these videos are the sole property of their creators and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Tuba City Church of Christ